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3 MIND Consulting 

3 MIND Consulting is a French and Russian engineering and purchasing consultancy. Its main purpose is to support in their daily development automotive companies settled in Russia particularly in the area of Izhevsk and Togliatti.

3 MIND Consulting offers customized services to help its clients reach their QCDDM (Quality, Cost, Delivery, Development and Management) targets. Our teams are involved in complementary fields as various as Project Management (Vehicle, Logistics, Purchasing), Project Planning, Quality Assurance, Supplier Management, Lean Manufacturing, etc.

The head office of 3 Mind Consulting is located in Paris region and the Russian offices are situated in Izhevsk and Togliatti to keep a close contact with the client base.

We are currently recruiting junior and experienced consultants to manage client missions and support our strong growth. Possibilities are rich because they concern almost every consulting sector in the automotive industry.